Question I recently reinstalled windows and noticed that I had stutters and lower fps than I thought I should.

Jul 6, 2020
As I said in the title , I recently reinstalled windows on a PC I built and have had some issues that I originally attributed to my low gpu usage. I set the PCI Link Power State setting off and turned off HPET and that seems to have boosted my fps and reduced stuttering greatly but I still have low gpu and cpu usage. (30-60 percent on the gpu and around 20-50 on the cpu.) I mostly play rust and get about 105 fps average across the map on my build (Rtx 2060 Super OC'd to about 1800 mhz on the core clock and 7500mhz on the mem with a Ryzen 7 3700x on stock speeds.) I have most of my settings all the way down except for things that could potentially give me a competitive advantage such as shadow quality, tree meshes and my graphics quality is at 4 or like the equivalent of medium high. Is it normal to have lower gpu usage on settings like mine?



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