Question I regret buying the B460M-A R2.0 mobo for the i5 11400F


Nov 14, 2015
So about a week ago I took a trip down to my local computer store and I was originally looking to pair up an i5 10400F with a B460M board. As I was about to make the purchase I end up asking the person at the register if the i5 11400F is worth the extra price and she then convinces to me to buy it over the 10400F. To make a long story short she ends up selling me the Asus Prime B460M-A Rev 2.0, which interestingly enough is not actually based on the B460 chipset, but the H470 chipset and therefore is compatible with 11th gen.

At first I seem thrilled with being able to get a cheaper board (in comparison to the slightly more expensive B560s they had in-stock). But a few days later I'm doing some research and I figure that it would've been a better idea to have gotten a B560 board for a few dollars more, and therefore I'm kind of remorseful on my purchase. However I can't return the board I bought because of store policy and I was wondering if there really is much of a difference between the H470 and B560 chipset when paired with an 11th gen CPU ?

Thoughts and information are appreciated.
if there really is much of a difference between the H470 and B560 chipset
Not really much, if it's paired with gen 11 cpus, B560 could do pcie gen 4. While also have ram overclocking ability for both 10th and 11th gen cpus as bad as pentiums. (yes, B560 is kinda A320 from amd side, cant oc CPU, but yes OC ram.)

while H470 have more pcie lanes and usb ports mostly, i could say a more buffed B460.