Question I removed SSD from one laptop with windows installed to another laptop that had bad hard drive and now laptop monitor won't turn on

Feb 22, 2022
So I have two laptops, let's call it #1 and #2. #1 is the one with bad hard drive. So I went ahead and removed SSD from laptop #2 with windows installed (different version windows) and installed to laptop #1 that had the bad hard drive. I also removed ram from #2 and "added" to laptop #1 cause it had extra slot. After that, I was going to go into bios on laptop #1 and just re-install windows but when I power it up, laptop turns on but monitor is just dead blank. no bios no nothing. just blank. (power is on, fan is running, light for power and charge and wifi is on, but harddrive light? isn't on)

-I know nothing is disconnected/dislodged/misplaced. I checked and quadripple checked.
-Here's what I've tried. (unplugging battery/power, cmos battery and cmos reset (yes, i tried the hold power button thing as well and removing the battery itself and such), tried all the F buttons and esc and so on) I also tried to put the old hard drive back in and take out the extra ram that I added, and it doesn't show anything on screen/doesn't show anything. BEFORE it showed bios with the bad hard drive. Now it won't show anything at all.

any solutions/potential solutions?
Mar 25, 2022
Never change 2 variables at once, especially with laptops.

First remove the extra stick of ram you got from #2 and put into #1. They might have different timings, voltages, who knows. Laptop mobo's don't like any changes.

Then, put everything back together when you started and just turn on #1 WITH the regular bad HD and the 1 stick of ram: if the screen doesn't turn on, things are more complicated then I have time/knowledge for right now.

Once you've confirmed that the screen/panel itself still works, then you know its a firmware compatibility issue.

How old is laptop #1? But yea you can download windows onto a flash drive and do it that way as well! Good luck, I just ran into my own tech BS :D

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