[SOLVED] I run a dual boot system windows 7 & 10


Mar 3, 2015
I run a dual boot system windows 7 & 10 ,most of the time I use window 7 .When I boot into windows 10 to do updates after a few minutes my computer shuts down .If I restart it and boot into windows 7 I get the message "One of your Hard Disks needs to be checked for consistency and off it goes running these checks and finds nothing.If I reboot into 10 I get the message "your computer did not shut down correctly"
I assume the problem is windows 10 but what I have no idea???
System consists of a Asus M5A78L-MUSB3 motherboard 24 gig of ram and a one terabyte H/D
running 64 bit O/S's

Just let the system check the drive. Once it does the the dual boot system will work normally.

This often happens if you unplug one of the drive with Windows on it. It just reestablishes the drive as a working drive in the BIOS.
I too have the same Windows 7 Windows 10 dual boot. And
I've seen that very same message before.

It happens with either operating system after that drive has been unplugged. I usually do unplug the other drive if I am reinstalling or repairing the other operating system.
So that message doesn't show up often.