Question I screwed over my Ryzen 5 3600 by cleaning and idk how to fix ?

Mar 25, 2023
I had a spring cleaning because of how lovely the weather was out. To my misfortune, just as I was wiggling out the heatsink (having preheated it ofc) the Ryzen 5 3600 CPU came out with it. It was a first for me, but cleaned the mess, no bent pins whatsoever.

As I am wrapping up, I made an absolute dumdum move and unhooked the heatsink again because I wasn’t content with something, and CPU came out again. No biggie, literally did what I did half an hr ago. This time, there were a little bit of thermal paste remaining on the pins. I cleaned them a bit sloppily ngl, but it was very little and on the edges, and it’s not conductive so didn’t really think much of it. Again, no pins bent.

All done. CPU goes right in, I power the PC, nothing really happens. Motherboard (B450M Mortar Max) gives a red debug LED for the CPU. There’s no thermal paste residue on the socket or the pins, yet I still clean up the edges of the CPU.

Why do you reckon this mighy be and what can I do abt it? Also, not sure if it means anything, but keyboard LEDs light up with the CPU on, and doesn’t without?

Thanks in advance!
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