Question I screwed up my thermal paste application kinda badly.. is my CPU okay?

Jun 23, 2019
What I’m about to say is probably gonna make any experienced PC builder cringe, just a heads up.

I built a Ryzen 3700x PC recently with the Cooler Master ML240L. When I was installing the thermal paste, I wasn’t expecting it to come out so quickly and ended up putting on more than I was supposed to. Not a huge amount, but probably like 1/3 more than the average amount of thermal paste that should go on a CPU. And to make matters even worse (this is the bad part) I forgot to take the plastic off of the bottom of the pump that goes on the CPU. I realized this and removed it afterward, but that was still a really stupid mistake on my part. Anyway, the thermal paste didn’t spread around the entire CPU, probably because of the plastic, so I ended up putting a little bit more near the spot where it didn’t spread because I figured a lot of thermal paste on a CPU would be better than having one spot with no thermal paste. I think I’m okay, because no thermal paste leaked through, I’ve seen people put thermal paste on their CPU’s while installing a cooler that has already stock thermal paste who still have functioning PC’s, and I’ve been using this PC for a few weeks and things seem to be working well. My CPU is at 29-31° while idle, and I can’t check it in game due to MSI afterburner not being updated yet, but I haven’t had any issues unless I overclock it to 4.0 GHz or higher. But I don’t believe that has to do with temperatures, and simply has to do with Ryzen 3000 CPU’s not having much overclocking space. Can someone just confirm whether or not I could have affected my CPU?