Question I screwed up, no monitor


Jun 13, 2011
While I was trying to stop win 10 for putting that horrible edge browser on my computer, I found a site that had steps for doing this. I followed them and everything seemed find. I changed the system setting to disable on both MS Edge listings as it said to do.
I leave my computer on and the monitor will sleep after about 15 minutes of inactivity. This morning when I went to use the computer the monitor didn't come back to life. The computer was still running. I unplugged the monitor and the logo came up and then I had a message the there wasn't any input.
I tried turning my computer on and off and still nothing. I tried the turn on/off three times and nothing.
Since I can't see anything I can't undo or use my back ups. My system restore emergency disk didn't do anything. No autorun on it. So I am pretty stuck. This is a custom built a few years ago desktop. It has an amd motherboard. One of the many back ups services I use told me to remove the battery on the motherboard. I'm not sure what that would do. The computer starts, but without the monitor I can't see the bios anyway.
Suggestions? Or am I just screwed? Lucky I have a laptop but it was an all day ordeal to get my printers working with this. Thanks Oriole