i spilled water on my keyboard

May 15, 2019
Hi, i really messed up

I spilled water on my keyboard like 30 mins ago. I quickly grabbed a towel and dried it off. Then, thinking I avoided a crisis, went downstairs to cook some eggs. I'm a really dreamy dude so I kinda forgot about it and thought nothing more would come of it. I was downstairs for like 10 minutes and when I came back my laptop was off. I tried turning it back on once but it didnt work. I picked my laptop up and found out there was even more water that I didnt see when drying it the first time was under the laptop. Dried that off and then I immediatly started googling tutorials and stuff and because of that I removed my battery and put my laptop upside down (nothing really came out). I have now put my laptop on a towel with rice under the laptop and on my keyboard. I put it infront of my window where the pretty hot sun is shining on it.

Do yall think my laptop will make it? I should leave it there for 24-48 hours right? Should I still put the laptop upside down, even though then the sunlight won't reach it anymore or is this fine?

Applied for 2 jobs today and I was working on a training schedule for the summer, so I was being really productive today and I feel totally cheated smh.

Help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot and god bless for reading!!

The last thing you want to do is power on a laptop that has come in contact with liquids.
Let the laptop dry for at least 48 hours. Place it in a low humidity location.
In that situation, always disconnect the power and remove the battery if the battery is removable.
Some laptops will power off and refuse to power on to protect themselves, as you know water and electricity do not mix.
You might want to place it sideways so any liquid exit thru the sides.
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