Question I spilled water on my PC and it still works.. kinda

Oct 9, 2019
So about two weeks ago i accidentally knocked a cup on water off my desk onto the top of my computer, which is on the ground next to my desk, Majority of the water spilled right onto my graphics card and motherboard, and some made its way down to the PSU. i was using my PC at the time so it was powered on, when the water hit there was a flash somewhere in my case and it cut power, i flicked the psu switch off immediately. but my curiosity got the best of me and i flicked it back on and tried to power it back on to see if it was still working, and it didn't start back up. So took the front panel off and blow dried all the components for about 30 minutes until i could no longer see any water and then some time after. When i plugged everything back in my PC started back up normally with no issues, kinda. Ever since the water damage when i try to play games i drop frames like crazy, games like fortnite and apex. my screen will freeze for some 10 seconds at a time. When i play "creative mode" in fortnite (which is basically like a custom game without a lot of enemy players and the large map) i only lose frames at the beginning and then it ends up running pretty smooth after a little bit of time. The only game that my pc seems to run without any issues is World of Warcraft, but there is still always hangups when i try to interface through windows while any game is running.

I have tried many different diagnostics/ stress tests over the past two weeks, and everything comes up with no errors found. First i ran prime95 for about 22 hours using "both" small and large fcc's, and it came up with no errors, i tried the windows memory diagnostic tool came up with no issues, i ran a GPU stress test for about 10 hours and it came up with no issues, The windows system health tool shows that that my pc is perfectly healthy, and i even did a complete Windows refresh. I am kinda puzzled at this point; My CPU is also only using about 40% utilization at the most when im running games which is odd, because it is suppose to be somewhere around 85%ish im pretty sure. All my temperatures are fine under HWmonitor even when i try running games. The last thing i think it could maybe be is my PSU, because i know the GPU draws a lot of power when running 3D games, but at the same time i am getting hangups when i just use windows sometimes. I just want to know which component i have to replace without being charged a diagnosis fee by a tech place. At this point i might just take it to my local computer shop and see what they say, figured i would reach out to you guys first tho, Thanks!

Ryzen 5 1600 CPU
ASRock phantom radeon 570 GPU
Corsair rm 750x PSU