Question I think BIOS is automatically switching my boot drive

Jan 2, 2021
I recently installed a 240gb ssd (kingston) into my pc build. I already have a 1TB WD HDD with my copy of windows 10 on it (there is no OS on the ssd).However, after putting in the new drive whenever I turn on my pc the boot drive light on my motherboard turns on and the pc will not boot past BIOS, I also cannot enter the BIOS menu for some reason.
Every time I want to turn my PC on, I have to open up my PC, take out both drives, restart, put in the HDD, turn the pc on and set it to boot priority in BIOS (which for some reason has no problems opening now that the drives were taken out and only the HDD was put back in), turn off the PC, put the SSD back in, turn on the pc again (Bios can be opened here with both drives installed but not on the initial restart for some reason), and then it will boot to windows properly.
The HDD is plugged into SATA 3 and the SSD is plugged into SATA 4 there are no other SATA ports being used and before this they were at 5 and 6 where the problem still occurred so it is not a matter of faulty SATA ports.
specs: Intel core i7 7700rtx 3060ti
16gb 3000mhz corsair vengence RAM
650w PSU
Asus b150 pro gaming aura MB
240GB Kingson SSD