Question I think I almost got infected with a virus in the most strange way, I need more information, please help

Oct 20, 2019
So I got home from work and connected to my router, and upon connecting my Android phone, it brought up a "Sign into network" screen which was blank, this is unusual because the only time I get that notification is when I'm using public wifi. It then sent a notification to my phone saying that Google Chrome is out of date and update for the best experience. It then downloaded a file named something along the lines of google_chrome_1-0-6.apk. I do not remember the exact name. I used avast antivirus on my phone to scan the files and they contained malware. I pressed the button to resolve the problem and it quarantined the viruses, I tried to look at the files to find out more information but avast mobile for some weird reason has no detailed scan history, only an activity log that says the scan took place. Simultaneously I was also connected to the same router on my computer and I tried going to Google's website, and Google Chrome blocked my access and stated that the page had weird security credentials. As soon as this happened I realized I was being hacked somehow, I then tried to access the router settings by putting in my default gateway into Chrome and it said that someone was already using the settings and that if I signed in, it log out the other user. No one in my home was using these settings. I put in the correct username and password to access the settings but it said my password was wrong. The next thing I did was run into the other room, pressed the tiny factory reset button on the router, and unplugged it. I am now running scans on all my devices to get rid of the file.

Wtf just happened? If I'm correct the only way that this could happen is if the perpetrator knew my wifi password and the credentials required to get into the router settings. Only my family members know these credentials. I also can't find anything even related to what just happened to me, so I'm coming to you guys for help. I am currently tethering my phone's data to access the internet as of right now, and I'm about to start the process of setting up the router again from scratch as well as change all the passwords.


Aug 7, 2019
Since you reset the router, you have lost the logs of any activity that may indicate what happened. Not saying you did anything wrong, just saying that it would be almost impossible to backtrack the issue at this point. There was some Malware a year of two ago that specially targeted routers, and unless your password it at least 7 characters of upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters, it wouldn't take too long to hack the password.


And never respond to a "you must update" notice on a public network. Especially if the notice makes a nuisance of itself. I.e., nagging, looping windows, more ads, hard to identify what icon to click, fake "X"'s, etc..

Shutdown if necessary and go to a trusted network. The notice may or may not reappear but at least you will be in a better position to verify the need for an "update" and to check the legitimacy of update's source website.