Question I think i have a gpu issue.

Aug 4, 2019
Hi, so i was playing games one night, (pc was updating) so i went to bed turned it off, got up and turned it on and got a blue screen error, it said restart if that was the first time i saw it so i did, and then it goto the login area and the graphics were all messed up and really big, so i tried logging in and it lost signal and i put in my password and pressed enter. So i tried to restart it again got blue screen error, then restarted it again and got no signal, so i tried a very cheap gpu in it and it seemed to work (just sooo slow) So i thought because it did the updates that might have been the problem so i uninstalled the updates, put the gpu with issues in and installed the drivers. so it restarted working fine, so i went to play a game and probably 1 min after loading up the game the screen goes black a few times then looses signal, so i restarted the pc (had no choice). Then after the restart the graphics were messed up and big again so i tried installing newest driver for it and that made it worse with the graphics. So i put the very cheap gpu in it and it works fine (with updates installed or with updates uninstalled) So i am thinking it is an gpu problem just thought i might get your guys advice.
Motherboard- MS-7728
CPU- i3-2105 3.1-GHz (lga1155 socket)
None working GPU- ENGTX560 TI DCII TOP/2DI/1GD5
Working cheap GPU- ATI Radeon HD 4300/4500 Series
RAM- DDR3 4GBs 1333MHz (2, 2 gbs sticks
Windows 7-64bit