Question I think i have weird ram while trying to oc them

Feb 21, 2019
Pc consists of msi z370m gaming pro ac, i5 8600k non oced, gtx 1070 zotac mini oced core +220mhz and memory +600mhz I have corsair lpx blk 2400mhz ram oced to 3000mhz. Now my ram is oced to 3000 stable using xmp presets. I tried doing every preset up till 3000mhz cause that's all I wanted but everything would crash my pc other then 3000mhz is this normal or do I have super weird ram reason for using xmp is cause I'm newer to overclocking too that's why I'm posting this.
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Apr 4, 2019
Do you mind providing us with a little more info on your RAM? The model number and how much you are using would be nice. 8, 16, 32 GB, etc?

XMP profiles aren't necessarily stable for every kind of RAM at every available setting. The voltages or timings could be incorrect. I'm not super familiar with the Z370 or any recent Intel platforms, but you can check your vendor list to make sure your RAM is compatible with that motherboard. I don't think that's as much an issue with Intel right now, but I may be wrong. The link is here:

You can also update your BIOS if that is something you are comfortable with. It may not be an issue, so make sure you follow the instructions carefully if you decide to update the BIOS. This always carries some inherent risk of bricking your mother board. Here's the link for the current BIOS:

I say all this to come back to the fact that you want it to run at 3000 MHz, and you say that it is currently doing that. I would recommend running a stress test like Prime95 on the blend test for somewhere in the 3 to 6 hour range. If the system does not hang, crash or exceed the recommended temps for your CPU, etc, then you should be golden.
I believe the recommended highest temperature for the i5 8600k is somewhere around 95 C, but i would recommend staying under 80 C. That shouldn't be a problem if you are just doing regular gaming with no overclock on a stock cooler.
Here is a link for Prime 95:
And a link for HWiNFO that I like to use to monitor temperatures:

Getting RAM to be stable can be a tricky thing. Often the best way is to manually overclock. There are an abundance of resources here and on other websites to help you overclock and monitor your system while doing so. If it's not your passion, hopefully we can get you stable at 3000 MHz and you can be on your merry way. I believe that your RAM is probably just fine and has a little trouble with imperfect XMP settings , but you can always check with the Windows memory check or MemTest86 to be sure. Here's a link for MemTest86:

Let us know how things go and provide any additional info that you can.

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