Question I think I killed my PC when adding RAM


Mar 16, 2014
OK, so I wanted to add some memory to my pc. The memory I have (G. Skill ripjaw 3600 18-18-18-18) isn't available anymore. So I bought some hyperx 3600, 17-18-18-18 memory. I came home and put the new memory in, making sure to use the proper dual channel slots for my mobo (gigabyte aorus gaming 7). After putting it in... My pc would no longer boot. No power to my keyboard and not even posting (no signal ever to my display). I took out the new memory so that it was back to how it was originally... Same thing. Went down to 1 stick, same thing. It was showing q code 4C which is listed as (reserved code) removing all memory showed code 31. While it was running I would see the leds on random fans flicker off and on for a split second. So, fearing I fried my mobo somehow, I went and bought a new one (gigabyte aorus ultimate) I installed it and it still wouldn't boot. I put some ddr4 that I know Is working from my other pc into this one and it still would not boot. I tried the working power supply from my other pc and it still wouldn't boot. It kicks on then off and on, never posting and the new mobo doesn't even run through q codes. I'm not sure what else to try.
Hi Hm88 :)

Simply placing extra memory of differing Latency has the potential of corrupting Bios. No damage to hardware however you should have tried clearing your CMOS or reflashing to an updated Bios which should have corrected the problem. You chose to swap out the MB to a MB with different specs using the same OS as before. this is a NO NO as you should have done a fresh install of the OS.
It now depends on which MB you wish to continue with.
If you wish to go with gigabyte aorus gaming 7 then clear the CMOS and install a kit chosen from the MB QVL the size and frequency you desire as a single kit. (Do not mix kits especially with differing Latency)
If you wish to go with gigabyte aorus ultimate then ensure the RAM kit you wish to use is a single kit and listed on the MB QVL. Also fresh install the OS.
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