I think I messed up...Any ideas?


Aug 6, 2006
I have the i7 920 with the EVGA x50 motherboard. I bought the Dark Knight S1283V Heatsink (first time I am not using the Intel heatsink). Thermal Paste that I bought was IC Diamond Carot Thermal Paste. Seems like it hardens very quickly (as the instructions say). I put a pea size amount on the CPU and I was lightly spreading it, but it seem to come off ( I was using a zip lock sandwich bag tightly wound around my finger). It got to the point were it got messy, so I just took all of it off and will start again tomorrow. I kept the edges clean but was having a tough time spreading it around. I also notice that I can't place the heatsink facing the top fan on my case, so I will face with my case fan on the back (the one near the IO panel). I have the HAF 932 CM full tower, BTW. The fan that will be attached to the heatsink, will be on the side of the ram sticks as it will pull air towards the back.

My question is: Can I apply thin lines on the bottom parts of the heatsink pipes on the Dark Knight? There are 3 pipes so I was going to apply three lines; one line per pipe. I saw one forum, someone recommend it and on youtube, the person put the thermal paste on the CPU.

If you have the EVGA mobo, please chime in. If you don't, all helpful advice welcome!