[SOLVED] I think I messed up.

Dec 25, 2018
Hello! I received a Ryzen 5 2600 for Christmas and I attempted to put it in my computer yet I do not have the correct motherboard and placed my I3 back in my computer. After this my computer failed to boot. I only get back screens on my moniters. Any ideas?
Your manual will have the details. There is either a "Clear CMOS" button or a jumper on the motherboard. Alternatively, you can power the system down and unplug the power supply , after a minute or two remove the CMOS battery for 5 - 10 minutes. Then replace and power up as normal.
I guess it depends upon if you put any force behind your attempt. You would be essentially pressing processor pins into the pins on the LGA socket. Plus the dimensions of the processor and and the socket probably aren't close to the same. So the socket frame probably did damage too.

Can you post some pictures of the socket and Ryzen processor?



Yeah, this is my big worry. Trying to stuff an Intel CPU into an AMD motherboard would likely have less damage, but pins on pins? If he ever closed it enough that he got the point at which he was trying to power up the PC, I wouldn't be surprised if both the CPU and motherboard had dramatic damage.

I would guess that the Ryzen processor took a lot of damage if there was any force applied.

I decided that I would look up the physical dimensions of a R5-2600X and a I5-8600K. The Intel specs give the size of the box only. And the AMD specs don't even give that. I thought it would be easy to find the dimensions, but it isn't. The closest I came was "1392mm2 for LGA1151, 1575mm2 for AM4, and 2370mm2 for LGA2011-v3". Apparently the R5-2600X processor is 13% bigger than the I5-8600K. I've never held a Ryzen and a current LGA 1151 Intel processor back to back.

I have searched the internet every way I can think of for the processor dimensions without success.


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