Question i think im looking to upgrade my cpu.

Apr 27, 2021
i have a b250m motherboard with lga 1151 socket, my gpu is rx 580, my current prossor is a intel i5-7400. my son uses this pc for gaming and he is experiencing some low fps with all of the graphics setting on the lowest possible. the gpu software has recommended a cpu upgrade but im unsure of what is really beneficial and necessary for good game play. we installed 16gb ram. so, any help in direction would be greatly appreciated.
What software did this recommending?
It might be correct since by lowering your graphics settings has no effect, the conclusion that you are cpu limited is probably correct.

What is your budget?
Your i5-7400 has 4 threads and a passmark rating of 5506. That is when all 4 threads are fully utilized.
The single thread rating is 2109. Usually that is the more important factor for gaming.
Likely, the strongest upgrade your motherboard will support is a i7-7700K with 8 threads and a rating
They sell for $250 or so used on ebay.

I do not think I would go that route.

You can buy a current gen lga1200 MATX motherboard for about $120:
and a i5-11500 processor for $230:
12 threads and a rating of 16976/2943

Your existing ram will be fine, and the processors come with coolers.




Cpu = fps
Gpu = eye candy

A gpu can only render the fps given to it by the cpu, so there's a balance of limiting factors.

If he's getting low fps on low settings, crank up the settings to high. If fps takes a very big nosedive, then the gpu is struggling and not the cpu.
If fps only drops a little bit, then it's not the gpu that's struggling, it's the cpu not supplying enough fps in the first place.