I think it is my CPU.


Apr 13, 2007
So my computer has recently been having problems. I just had to replace the graphics card and now I think my CPU is causing problems, but im not sure.

Basically every once in a while my computer will just stop responding. My mouse cursor will still be able to move but nothing else will. Sometimes my computer will make it out of it, other times it fully freezes. I noticed when monitoring my systems performance tab, that while its in this state the CPU is at 0% usage, while my RAM maintains a steady speed. My CPU temps seem fine, around 30-40 while idle, and 58 is the max at full load. It also sometimes will freeze when windows is loading when im booting up. It does the same thing on my other working harddrive so im sure its a hardware issue and it even does the same thing during safe mode. please help. thanks.

system specs.
e6600 core 2 duo
evga 9600 gso
2gigs gskill ram
680i sli mobo
ocz 750w psu
Reinstal the OS and the chipset drivers ... thats the best fix.

Alternatively try running some third party software to clean the system registry.

Look at how many processes are active using process explorer, and see if hijackthis throws up anything interesting ... your PC might have been zombie'd or some malicious software is interfering.

Check and update your virus software.

Do update your graphics driver to the latest version

Since the mouse is still ok when it freezes I'd suggest the issue is not the graphics driver .... more likely something else.

Hope this helps
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For the OP, I suggest trying everything in a different mobo just to make sure its not the CPU or RAM. It sounds like it could be the chipset but problem is that if something goes bad and you wait to replace/fix it it is possible for it to ruin other hardware.