Question I think mobo is defective, system won't POST ?

Mar 25, 2021
Asus B450F Gaming
Nvidia 1660 Ti
Ryzen 7 3700x
Amd Wraith Prism cpu cooler
2 8gb Gskill DDR4 ram
2 16 gb Gskill Trident Z ram
Corsair Hx Platinum 750 Watt Psu

My pc is a year and a half old
So i was on my pc and i had to restart it because i accidentally closed riot vanguard and when i tried to reboot the pc it came on with a yellow light (which indicates ram) and the cpu cooler wouldnt spin and wouldnt post. So i took my ram out and placed one stick. When i tried to boot that time it still wouldnt post and had a red light on the mobo. The cpu fan was running. Nothing ive tried has posted. Also, NOTE, my case power button doesnt work to turn on/off now. the restart button works however. I have to manually shutoff with psu

Things ive tried:

  • Reseating the cpu
  • Trying to boot without Gpu
  • 1 ram stick
  • 2 ram sticks
  • 4 ram sticks
  • unplugged everything and replugged them in
  • made sure ram connection is tight