I think my computer isn't performing well.

Jul 2, 2015
First I'm sorry for my english, because i'm learning it yet.

I have an asus P5nsli and and an Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 @2,33, but when I run CPU-Z and Ctrl + Alt + Del, the maximum cpu core is 1,87
I'm know a bit of computers, but i can't find what's going on. If someone knows how can i fix that, if I can do that doing an overclocking tell me pliz. Thnx


That's likely a normal feature of Intel speedstep that lowers the clock speed and voltage when the CPU isn't under a heavy load to save power. Download Core temp and look at the core speeds, then run Furmark and see if the core usage and multipliers all go to full throttle which they should. If they do, it's fine. You can also run Prime95 while Core Temp is open and look at the core speeds there while under load.

I'm 99% sure your CPU speeds are fine and that it's just normal power saving behavior. IF you want to stabilize it at full normal speed you can disable Intel Speedstep in the BIOS and then go back into windows and see if it stays at 2.33Ghz. You might also have to set the min and max processor state to 100% in the Control panel power options advanced settings for it to remain at 2.33Ghz all the time.

If this is a laptop I wouldn't recommend doing this as the cooling system may not be capable of keeping up with the CPU if it's at full speed at all times.