[SOLVED] I think my CPU is hitting high temps.

Jul 25, 2019
hello!!! i have i problem, i'm hoping to get any help.
I have an Intel core i7 7700k 4.20GHz processor that's already hitting some high temps. I've download CPUID CPU-Z to check some additional info and it said that my core voltage is 1.344 v which i believe is a bit high and the CPU speed has gone a bit above 4.20GHz but apparently most of the time stays in 2GHz or so... it's not at full load , and RealTemp said that 3 of my 4 cores are in LOG.

Some temps i got:
Idle: 46C - 54C (some occasional spikes up to 60s)

While gaming (depends on the game)
-COD MW3 multiplayer: 50C - 56C
-Dead Space: 50C - 57C
-Batman Arkham Origins: 70C - mid 80s
-Quantum Break: 80C - 91C
-Heavy Rain: 68C - 79C

Rendering using Autodesk Maya and RENDERMAN: 93C - 100C

Using RPCS3 (PS3 emulaor): 97C - 100C

What can i do? should i edit something in the BIOS?
BTW: i'm new into this master PC race, i have a custom build pc, but i didn't build it, i ask someone else to do it for me... i don't know if that guy move something related to the core voltage in the BIOS or what, i didn't move anything because i don't even know how to access to the BIOS.
any help?

Processor: Intel core i7 7700K
Motherboard: ASROCK Z270 Gaming K4.