[SOLVED] I think my GPU is bricked... how do I know for sure?


Mar 31, 2014
I built a new PC a couple months ago. Initially I was using my old 1080, but I finally got my hands on a 3090 (gigabyte gaming OC version).
It's been working great for over a month, but today it crashed while I was working, no bluescreen just a full on power out.

I tried to reboot and got a VGA status light on my motherboard. Just to be sure, I tried a second pcie power corrector (in case the splitter somehow wasn't delivering enough). Same thing.
I also tried putting the card in a different computer in case it was a mobo issue, same result. I then put my old 1080 back in, and it booted normally.
The GPU RGB is lighting up partially when I power on, but otherwise it would appear to be dead.

Have I done everything I can? Should I try something else? Or should I go ahead and file a claim?

BTW I checked out the newegg reviews and it seems this is a common problem with this card in particular.

Thanks in advance