i think my GPU is dying


Dec 20, 2017
hi guys , i have a problem , so recently like 2 days ago i was listening to music while i was waiting for a game to be found in league of legends , right when the game was found my screen went purple with a lot of green and black lines and some static here and there ( the music that was played trought youtube was still going and the league client was running aswell in the backgroun of this purple screen if i can say that) i restarted my pc and went onto some games that use the gpu more(mafia 3 and cod ww2 ) everything went ok , on cod it was actualy working a little better i had like 20 fps more than i usually have.i tought it was just something like a bug so i ovelooked it , the problem is that now , while i was playing league again (in game now) on aram , after some spells that were casted and other stuf, it would remain a pixel like a green box on the ground for like 2 seconds and then dissapear . I went intro recording mode( where the screenshot is done aswell) and i saw it again , that made me think that it isn t something in game , its something that my gpu can t render i don t know . its my first pc build and i worked a lot for it so im a little scared ,thats why im asking for your help , my gpu is still under warranty so if u tell me that is an artifact or anything eles ill take the sceen and show it to the store explain everything to them idk ... anyway , thank you in advence for the answeres and sorry if i misspeled something or i wrote something wrong , englis is not my main language
gtx 1060 6 gb mini ITX oc
8 gb ram 2113 mhz
7500 i5 cpu
1tb hdd ( i don t have ssd or other stuff )
the screenshoot--> https://ibb.co/cT03SH


Sep 3, 2013
since other games works normally hard to say its the gpu fault.try running gpu stress test using something like furmark or uniengine and let it running for a few hours to see if u can simulate the artifact there.