Question i think my motherboard has a problem and i don't know why


May 31, 2016
basically i got new ram for my computer which previously had 4 sticks of 1gb... and i got 2 sticks of 4 gb ... anyways i connected everything properly and the motherboard started beeping and i have 0 idea why since the DDR, frequency and size are all compatible (also i made sure many times everything was in the correct place...) so i just decided to put the 4 sticks back in to see if it would work... turns out the computer turns on and everything is on...but i get no screen display (with no message) and the mouse and keyboard lighting is not even turning on....ive also tried replacing the cmos but that also didnt work help pls ?

UPDATE: basically i did the whole process again and somehow it turned on but the new ram still makes the beeping sound any help on that ?
might need to update the bios on the motherboard. (listing system specs would be helpful)

Motherboards memory compatibility is sometimes improved through bios updates. You could look at the bios revision history and see if they specifically list improved memory compatibility as a feature of an update.