Question I think my psu is crashing my computer


Sep 1, 2018
for a while now my pc crashed a couple of times while I was playing games. The thing is it's always been rare ( the crashes) and would only happen once a month or something like that. but today I've been playing and it crashed twice (by crashed I mean restarted on its own with no warning) I suspect it's my PSU because it's been making these weird ticking sounds when I boot it up and stops a couple of seconds afterward or sometimes it would continue for 5mins after boot up. and it usually made the same ticking noise after shut down when the fan in the PSU is stopping.
Also, my GPU has been making a weird buzzing sound lately also while gaming but I read that it was fine and it's just the fan so don't think that's the problem.

note: The temps on my GPU and CPU are always in the 55-65 and never higher. Also, no OC except I got my GPU to 65mhz core clock and 300mhz on the memory. but the CPU is running at stock speed

Cpu: i7 8700k
GPU: RTX 2080 Ti
Motherboard: z370 A-Pro
Cpu cooler: Kraken x52
Ram: (2x8) 3600 mhz
PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower grand 850w gold
Storage: 3TB HDD 1240GB SSD
Case: H700


The Thermaltake Toughpower Grand is a good PSU.
It could happen that you got a faulty unit. Getting another PSU, could be the only way to find out if the PSU is the issue.
I have yet to get a Thermaltake PSU.
I usually buy Antec, Corsair and Seasonic.