Question I think my socket/stabilizer killed 2 of my Pc's..


Dec 25, 2013
Yesterday me and my cousin were installing a new cpu in his pc. When everything was done, he plugged the pc in the same stabilizer he uses everyday and the screen in a new socket extension he bought. The pc kept turning on and off, so we took the pc to a specialized store and the technician figured out that the pc would only turn on without the graphics card. My cousin thought that he maybe messed up with the instalation and accidentaly touched the graphics card. So today I decided to lend him my other pc that I had for over 7 years. When we installed the pc in the same socket and the screen in the same extension, the same problem happened. The pc's keep turning on and off, even in different sockets in the house (even in the socket I am using this pc right now!). I have no clue on what is happening and I hope someone can give me an insight on this please.

|Did I just broke 2 GPU? Did the power Supply died?

Btw my 2nd pc has an amazing power supply for the build, 850w and never had any problems. The first pc only had 400w but the build was worse, and we thought that maybe the new cpu was consuming more energy than it had. Thank you.