I this a good SSD to buy?


Sep 4, 2011
i am thinking about buying my first SSD, my understanding is that they are a lot faster then HHD, i would like to install windows 7 and maybe a few games like BF3 and maybe Skyrim if the is enough space. what i need to know is what is the best way to set up a SSD as i am completely new to them, by setting them up i mean in the bios what setting do i apply and also i would like to keep my documents etc on my 1TB HHD.

also -

what programs other than the above should i install on one?

and do you think this is a good SSD and is it a good price?


if not please point me towards a better one.


May 24, 2011
I got the 60gb version of that. Its a great drive. Not quite as fast as the Vertex 3/4, but its less expensive. (The vertex 3 comes with a 3.5 conversion bay, so if its worth it, go for that one.
I dont know how many programs you have but I fit Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, a few programs, and BF3 on mine with 5GB left over.
I have Curcial M4, Samsung 830, and Agillity III. For the Price the M4 is by Far the better Choice GO FOR IT before it sells out..

1) The Agillity III, The performace is the same on Sata II port as it is on a SATA III port. Reason I dub it a sataII SSD in a SATA III wrapper. Only buy if price is Less than 75% of a Curcuial M4, or Samsung 830.

2) Do NOT go by manufs "aqdvertized" performance - They advertize atto benchmark for Sequencial reads and writes. A) Atto was designed for HDDs and uses compressed data NOT real Life. B) Sequencial performance is the LEAST Important parameter for an OS + Program drive.

3) I do Not recommend Sandforce (SF) based drives, (espeally OCZ) unless a Great price differencial. SF controllers Performance takes advantage of compressing data, For an OS + program drive, compressability is low.


Jun 4, 2009
I got my Win7 OS, applications, 1-2 games installed in SSD. Disabled system restore and reduced paging file size to 1024. Currently, I still got 90GB free out of 119GB usable space for the M4. I usually limit the applications installed in SSD to the apps that I would actually use.

Just set SATA operation mode to AHCI in BIOS and you're good to go.
Take a look at the overall score in AS SSD for the Agillity III, It's around 400->450, while both the M4 and 830 overall score in AS SSD is mid 700s. Beings it does not do any better on SATA III than on a SATA II port I stuck my agillity III on my wifes lower end system which only has SATA II.

Vertex III, , But Still prefer M4 and 830 over vertex 3is much better, but remember SF22xx is likes ATTO and it's highly compressable data. Vertex 4 may be good and the Agillity 4 is due out shortly.