I turned off the Asus antisurge protection in the bios and now my computer wont turn on anymore. Help?


Nov 3, 2014
I just built my computer just under two weeks ago and it was working fine till yesterday, when I tried playing SWToR and my computer shuts down, as I get the antisurge warning and I restart with no issues. I read that in most cases the antisurge protection is garbage and could be turned off.

Today I woke my computer up from sleep mode and it instantly had the antisurge issue, so I decided to turn it off in the bios and now my computer wont even turn on... Does that mean my PSU is dead? Or is it the motherboard? Using a Asus Maximus VII Hero and a Corsair RM Series 750w PSU.

I know the description for the PSU states that the fan doesn't even turn on low to medium loads, so was hard to tell if it is working or not. Pretty newbish at this, so not sure how to test if it is the PSU or not.

The motherboard also is lit up, just when I press the power button, nothing happens. The numbers on the motherboard go up and then back down to 00 and nothing else.


Have you tried resetting the BIOS to the factory default? Your manual should show how (with my mobo it is just a switch internally or even outside the case -- but yours may require a jumper reset). Try the BIOS reset and see if you can turn it back on.

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