Question I uninstalled the graphic driver of a laptop with a broken screen that was using an external monitor. Now there is no display in the monitor.

Jun 9, 2019
My laptop screen broke about a month ago and i have been using a external display since then. It was all fine til i had an issue with Nvidia Geforce experience and one of the solutions were to uninstall it and reinstall. So i uninstalled it through the device manager and the external display turned off. Now i don't know if there is anything i can do now that doesnt involve having the screen fixed and i am not even sure if the problem will fix itself then.

My laptop is the Acer Nitro 5, and its Graphics Card is the GTX 1050
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Phillip Corcoran

You don't uninstall Geforce Experience through Device Manager, you uninstall it using "Programs & Features" in Control Panel, where all the installed applications are listed.
Sounds to me like you uninstalled the Nvidia graphics driver instead if you used Device Manager --- big mistake.

I think you'll need to get the screen repaired so you can see Windows to reinstall the Nvidia driver.

You should have got screen fixed when it broke anyway, a laptop isn't much use if it can only be used with an external monitor.
After restarting the computer, see if you can get a display using either the designated keys on the keyboard for toggling monitors, or use the Windows key and P key a couple of times & press enter to toggle the primary display.

It does sound like you uninstalled the graphics driver, but [blindly] restarting Windows should at least get you a basic driver reinstalled and, hopefully, a picture.