I unsubscribed from my cable and phone provider. Now my internet is extremely slow.


Nov 19, 2016
For the longest time my family has been with Bell Canada, (I live in the Greater Toronto Area). Recently, in order to cut down on bills we decided to get rid of our cable subscription since we mainly use the apple tv nowadays in order to watch shows/movies. We also unsubscribed from our phone and use one of those phone companies that connects through your internet. (I know this phone thing isn't the cause, we bought and used it first before removing our cable/phone subscription).

Anyway, skip forward to when we finally run out of our contract for the month and ship back all of the cable and phone hardware. Aaaand now the internet is slow. Painfully slow, if more than one person is using any kind of internet everything just dies, (0.8Mbps down / 1.5 Mbps up). Mind you, before all this we could have two people watching Netflix, and two people playing online video games with no drop in upload/download. My hypothesis was that since we had bell fibe tv, which allows each cable box to connect wireless to their own router, each cable box acted as their own router. So I thought that now those boxes are gone I should probably get a new router since the default router/modem may be trash. I buy the new one on cyber Monday (D-Link wireless AC 1200 dual band router), and the internet is still really slow. Is Bell Canada punishing me for unsubscribing their other products?

Network Specs: Default bell DSL modem/router, D-Link wireless AC 1200 dual band router.
Have you checked the speeds when wired directly into the modem? Do that before you even contact Bell, they can't offer support for wifi in your home like you said seeing as how each box was a router that increased coverage and limited interference from construction materials