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i updated my hp 8.1 windows laptop to windows 10 now the laptop does not start...it gives a messege your pc does .how to fix t

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Aug 19, 2015
Hi Anurag_007 I will try my best to help you as I have also encountered this problem!

Things you will need: Another Laptop/Computer A 8 GB Or 4 GB USB or any other devices like that WinRAR on the computer you are using to download Windows 10 Mental strength and Patience. This is going to take time do not and I mean Do not rush it. If you haven't reset your computer yet. I suggest you do. Because that is what I have done and now my computer is working fine

Solution: What you want to do is download windows media installer or something like that. You can download it here: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/media-creation-tool-install Download either 32 or 64 bit. To your computer (the one you're trying to fix) If you don't know which bit your computer is, then go with Both ( it will give you the option to download 32 or 64 bit later in the installation I am Using Windows 10 Pro). If you remember which Windows 10 Version you upgraded to, use that version. You will need to download the ISO File to your usb hard drive. It will look like a CD. After you have done that use WinRars option to extract, "Extract Here" which will then extract all the files into the hard drive VIA USB. Afterwards what you need to do is plug the USB into your computer (Computer we are trying to fix) And spam F2 or whichever key opens your BIOS. Your BIOS is the Control Panel for your Whole computer basically. Afterwards go to Boot using the left and right arrow keys. Press ENTER on the BOOT Device #1 Or BOOT Device #2. You want to move your USB up in the ladder. So if your USB Was BOOT Device #2 Press Enter and mess around with your arrow keys so that it moves up to BOOT Device #1. After that you want to Go to EXIT Bar and press Enter On Save and Exit. Afterwards you will be taken to your startup and you should see something that says Install Windows 10 Language English (US) Currency and Time: US Press Install it will ask you to Upgrade, Do not press the Upgrade buttom go click CUSTOM which will ask you which Disk on your computer to download in. When it asks for a Windows Key Click (Do later) If you remember your OS:// Disk space find it. Mine is around 500GB OS:// so If I was in your position I will find it and press Enter. It will then install all the files in your main Disk. DO NOT REMOVE YOUR USB DURING THE INSTALLATION. Afterwards you should then be able to startup Windows again. Note you will not be able to save all your files. When it asks you which Windows 10 Version. Select the one above the other. For example |Windows 10 Disk 6|<--- Choose the current one you are using. it will tell you after you choose the wrong one. |Windows 10 Disk 4| if you selected the wrong one it will not start. So just choose the right one after. It will reboot again but don't worry you will get it right. Click Windows 10 Disk 6 and Exit Back to Windows 10. It should work normally, download back all the files you had previously.

Solution 2: Another option is to not Click the Install Windows 10 and go to Fix my computer (will be in the bottom left corner). It will take you to troubleshooting. You have to then click on TroubleShoot and Advance Options. It should allow you to go into SAFE MODE. Most of the cases are you will be able to start Safe Mode but it will fail to finish. (Happened to me.) So stick with the first option!. I did the reset because my Realtek Pcie Family Driver was not working I found a fix for it myself as well. Here is the link to the forum: http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-2770419/fix-ethernet-ethernet-disconnecting-fix-solution.html

Hope this helped! Please write back to me if it didn't work!
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