Question I upgraded hp compaq 7800 from core 2 duo to q9650 and it stucks on windows logo

May 9, 2019
I have a hp compaq 7800 with e6550 and 6gb ram working fine.I upgraded the processor to q9650 and turned on the computer but it didnt.When i checked the bios the processor was not supported then i searched online and found an article about that on this website and followed the step to make a dos bootable flash and then running command flashbin.exe.After that when i opened bios the processor was there q9650 but the problem is after then my windows is not booting up.

I press the power button hp logo appears and then windows logo appear with no dots circlinng at bottom and suddenly some lines for code appear and computer reboots .this happen again and again.

checked the hard disk in other computer windows was fine and booted up there without any problem...

I changed the processor again to previous one and everything booted up like normal......I want to run q9650 on my pc for czn......I need help.....Thanks in advance