Question I wanna buy windows 10.A question.

It depends which version of Windows 10 (OEM, Retail, etc) and if you're planning to activated on a different system.

At the moment you could re-activate (auto or manual) Windows 10, even if you make hardware upgrades (motherboard, CPU & GPU) but we don't know if Microsoft will change activation algorithms.


Oct 31, 2014
FPP usb version of the home , for mine , for example if i want to reinstall windows , or i switch a videocard or cpu , can i activate it again with no problem or is it a one time thing?

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windows activation is now tied to the hardware it is installed on first. so a simple reinstall does not change the hardware and thus it will reactivate once connected to the web.

changing parts is covered by linking the install to a microsoft account. then when new parts/build is finished, you log into your microsoft account and then change the hardware it is associated with. simple process that can be found all over the web.

now how MS will handle this in the future is anyone's guess. they may keep doing it or they may decide you have to get a new key with a new build. no one can predict what MS will do there. but for now it's easy to swap hardware or complete a new build and move the key to it.


Actually, unless you have an OEM copy of Windows, it doesn't. It SHOULD be attached to YOU, via a Microsoft account. IDK how many different ways we can say this. Even many OEM licenses that were upgraded from an older version to Windows 10, when attached to a MS account and email registered to you, can easily be reactivated after a hardware change. I've done it for tens of systems without any problem.

The important thing to do is be sure to not buy an OEM license if you can avoid it, buy retail home license from a REPUTABLE and AUTHORIZED reseller, and then immediately upon or during installation attach that installation to yourself by way of a Microsoft account.



If i buy a home version of windows 10 , will i be able to activate it again in the future or is only 1 time activation?
If you purchase and install, it can be transferred to new hardware. Or reinstalled on the same hardware.
Win 10, post v1607, has significantly changed the concept of "OEM". For something you buy and install, it is mostly no longer a consideration.
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Also since I have probably bought about 40+ cdkeys - I have never ever had a problem,news-57284.html <---- still works

Just one of the several written by Toms Hardware - your employer :)


Let's not go there. At all. We WILL keep the barrier between editorial and community intact, without the need for confronting editorial policy which is often not in line with that of community. They do their thing, we do ours. We try to give you guys the best advice and recommendations we can, and if you insist on pursuing ill advised schemes that is up to you.
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Nor does what is said there necessarily, or even usually, coincide with what WE as a community know to be a best practice or to be one that should generally be avoided. If you go back and read that article, you'll see there are MANY users who've posted there in the comments that they were left holding the bag when their license was revoked, AFTER having done exactly as suggested by the article. I'm prohibited from saying anything more than that, for my own sake, don't ask.

I only address this issue to try and help members avoid getting ripped off, but I'm not willing to put myself in jeopardy again for the sake of doing so.
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I have been asked by some users that have read those articles recommending to buy those low priced keys.
These sellers, I have emailed dozens, will instruct buyers to use and register those keys in less than 2 weeks after purchase. If they were legitimated there wouldn't be any dateline.

I have purchased Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, etc..from reputable sellers and there is not such dateline to use and register the licenses.
I have used them after several years and they will work.

I have contacted Microsoft on behalf of users that their licences stop working (revoked) or it didn't work at all from the start.
I was told that "some of these licenses came from other countries where software licenses are cheaper (“gray market” licenses). Some might be legitimate and others are licenses from Academic, TechNet, Action Pack, MSDN, etc. which could be revoke at anytime...even if they were able to activate at some point."
"These days most of these licenses are purchased with stolen credit cards. These credit cards are reported stolen and when the charge-back occurs, Microsoft deactivates the licenses."
So it makes sense that they ask users to activate the software A.S.A.P.

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