[SOLVED] I wanna get a good keyboard (i am on a budget 50$)

Apr 26, 2019
I see a lot of keyboards but I want to get one that is smooth and has a little click.

I don't care about lights and that stuff.


Apr 18, 2018
Corsair K55 RGB is a great budget keyboard that has multifunction keys, however it is a membrane.
Alternative is a Redragon K552. Has a simple and sleek look and is mechanical.
Red Dragon k552 is fully mechanical and has tactile (but loud) blue switches. It comes in no led, red led, and rgb led versions. It comes in at much under 50 depending on version.

The Corsair K55 rgb is a very very good membrane keyboard. It looks great and i have heard it feels pretty good, but if you want mechanical its not for you.
The razor deathstalker is another good membrane keyboard.https://m.newegg.com/products/9SIA4RE4S77866?ignorebbr=true&source=googleshopping&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleMKP-Mobile&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleMKP-Mobile--pla-Corn+Electronics--Gaming+Keyboard-_-9SIA4RE4S77866&gclsrc=aw.ds&gclid=CjwKCAjwwZrmBRA7EiwA4iMzBEBnsKEDwiwIMOM40eINXE1R2Mv9rTm9rZIwa-KhHGrUzMPORtjx8hoCpSAQAvD_BwE
This is a very much a personal thing. What fits others may not be of your liking.

Everybody rave about mechanical (long key travel) keyboards, I personally don't know why. I used mech keyboard in the past. Yeah don't get membranes, they are spongy but I got used to thin scissor (thin) switches, like the Dell am using at work is perfectly fine and I can type on it all day.

Are you a fast typists? Look for large space bar, Enter, Backspace. Shift keys 'cuz u will be using those a lot.
I personally used a Dell OEM membrane keyboard for typing and gaming and was fine with it. The rubber domes have some feedback and a bit of travel.
Since I got my RedDragon K552 with mechanical switches I prefer to use mechanical switches over membranes. They feel more tactile and more natural to me. I can go back and use a normal rubber dome keyboard if I need to, but they just feel imprecise.
I have grown to HATE the chicklet style keyboards that have no travel and no tactile feedback. I'd rather type on my smartphone or use a ZX spectrum keyboard before coming in contact with one of these.
Never had an issue with Logitech's standard wireless mouse/keyboard combos for $35 or so the past 2 years....beyond the obvious AA or AAA battery either needs every 6-8 months or so....

As I've used $8 and $10 wired keyboards for decades, I've never understood (or pretended to care about) the hooplah about/with mechanical keyboards and/or 'gaming mice', etc... :)