Question I wanna install a new motherboard and CPU

Jan 21, 2020
I know the general things to do but all these sites are contradicting each other. I have so far extracted all the drivers for my motherboard in a separate folder (I am hesitant to start downloading without knowing what im doing) and I have also extracted my new cpu driver. Am I supposed to uninstall my current drivers? I uninstalled my MB's audio drivers. Should I uninstall the BIOS if thats possible? What parts of the CPU driver should I uninstall if any. Do I have to reset the BIOS/CMOS (or whatever the hell it's called) midway through replacing? Its all so confusing and im worried im gonna brick my PC.

Old CPU: I5-4690 (LGA 50)
New CPU- I5- 9600K (LGA 51)

Old motherboard: Z97x-SLI (LGA 50)
New motherboard: H370-HD3 (LGA 51)
(Both are the same size so will fit my case)

Im also upgrading from my 4x4(16GB) DDR3 RAM to 2x8(16GB) DDR4 RAM, because I saw that this motherboard doesn't support DDR3.