I wanna upgrade my PC and I need help


Nov 19, 2014
So I could get a used i5 4670K at a good deal, I am upgrading from a i3.

Now I have a Asus H97M-Plus motherboard and it comes with a AI suite 3 software for overclocking from windows.

I never overclocked in my life and I am NOT looking to push the cpu too far especially since I am not sure how good this MB is at overclocking. I am looking at maybe a 4.4GHZ OC so looking at maybe a cheap $20 CPU cooler, please recommend me something.

I am gonna be playing Hunt Showdown and while a i7 is better at that game due to it using more than 4 threads I am not sure if its really worth it. I am thinking of just getting the 4670k and 12GB DDR 4 and call it a day since I already have 8GB

But maybe I could go 16GB who knows?

Buying a 4790 Non K was also a consideration for me but its very expensive used on Amazon at $220 and nowhere else is safe enough to buy it used. Neither can I find it anywhere else for less anyways

I could get the 4670k used for significantly less but not sure how it will hold out in the next 5 years


Feb 12, 2006
H board will not normally overclock, Z87/Z97 is needed. Also your board uses ddr3, not ddr4.

It might overclock the Pentium G3258 dual core since bios 2001

It seems there was some early non Z board K chip overclocking, but intel did crack down on that hard, maybe with an old chip like the 4670k and an old bios. But definitely should be locked with a 4690K haswell refresh chip and supporting bios, and I don't know if you can roll back if you have a haswell refresh bios update, ECS won't let you on the Z87h3-m.

https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4UF2DZ6565 $28 until Saturday Keep the voltage under 1.35V, 4.2 GHz might be more realistic