i want a fanless power supply


Jun 10, 2005
hi all, i would like to have a fanless power supply for my ATX computer, currently it have a PIII and soyo mobo on it, but i'm indefinatly upgarding this to a AMD a64 (maybe x2 :smile: )with a possibility of OCing the thing in the far future and i do not like my current fan with its noise level..... so i decides fanless is the only way to go. i'm wondering what should i go for? and is this thing good enough:
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or is this 400 W enough?
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Dec 31, 2007
Fanless PSU aren't up to the task of OCing AMD 64's. They keep them fanless by adding large heat sinks and removing the fan, but in doing so they compromise the rated Watts/Amps output.

I recently installed a SilverStone 600 Watt PSU into a system I built for a friend and was Extremely impressed with it's performance (but the thing is large and VERY heavy -- I had to modify a Lian case to make it fit).

But I understand your quest for a silent runner -- I have a DAW for my music creation and was able to keep it very quiet using an Antec case & PSU (with fan) -- they do make quiet fan PSU's.



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Fanless power supplies are good for overheating the rest of your computer: The cooling fan draws warm air out of the case, through the power supply, expelling it out the rear.

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Apr 27, 2005
there are powersupplies with very quiet fans. as stated Antec makes a good one. I've got a 480w power supply (not antec) and it's virtually inaudable. I can record music from my amp through microphones without pickin up the sound.

and Antec's cases as well are really good at noise supresion. I have the Antec's Super Lanboy and it nearly cuts out all internal sounds. i can't hear my Video cards fan at all with the case closed, but with it open it's clearly audable. and the 2 120mm fans make no noise either.