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Jul 29, 2019
My new CPU is R5 5600 non x with the trash stock cooler my idle temp is in 50s and it reached 89 degrees on cinebench r23 benchmark
I want a temp solution to lower the temp without losing much of the performance until I can buy a new cooler
Thanks in advance
My temps :
I will stop but do you think that is 50s degrees on idle is normal ?
Yes, it's 'normal'. But yes, it can also be improved upon.

You're already onto something by replacing the stock cooler, there's no real need to waste time or money on a temp(orary) solution so focus on that. And as well, you might temper expectations. Ryzen's run "hot" and that's normal for them as it is for most any modern CPU. But even so, better cooling can help performance.
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To answer your posted question:
If you want a temporary solution, take the case cover off and direct a house fan at the innards.

But for a better discussion,
What is your ambient temperature?
That is what all coolers start with.
It will be more than your room temperature.
Your cpu cooler gets to use air that has been partially warmed by the graphics card and other components.
Idle temperatures with ryzen are not exactly at true idle, ryzen always seems to have something to do.
Do not worry about idle temperatures.
It is the load that you actually run that is important.
If your workload is multithreaded batch apps that can use all threads, then expect some heat.
Modern processors monitor their temperatures and will throttle or shut off if it detects a dangerous temperature.
That is about 95c. for ryzen.
If your cpu cooler is running about 15-20c. over ambient at idle, your cooler is functioning and mounted well.

Yes, you can do better with a larger cooler, but it is not really necessary.