Question I want to boost my wireless connections as well as my ethernet connections, will this type of thing do that?

Apr 15, 2019
I have an issue where if I stream netflix/amazon prime my download goes from 70 upload to around 20. This is obviously wrong and shouldn't happen but I'm trying to boost my speeds and was wondering if this ( kind of thing will help?
There's 3 of us in the house and there'll usually be video games being played and shows being streamed so we do have quite a lot of connections meaning we'd need a high end one but will that work?
That is a just a router it likely will not work better or worse than our current one. It greatly depends on what your actual issue is. It depends on how much bandwidth you buy from your ISP. A different router will not increase the bandwidth.
U streaming and your upload goes from 70 to 20... what does that means? what are you actually complaining about other than "number not so nice?" I need to hear buffering, obvious video quality drop out before lifting a finger.

Yeah, ur sharing bandwidth with the whole household, there is no active bandwidth manager (am thinking QOS) so yeah, first-come, first-served, and people on ethernet will have a leg up over WIFI users, because ethernet have have less latency, no interference to speak of while WIFI does.
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