Question I want to buy a budget 4k tv

Sep 4, 2019
So I found a TV brand called Tesla... (I don't think they are associated with the car brand)
I couldn't find any reviews in English but most the ir 4k tvs are rated 4/5 stars or higher... So I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them and if so are they worth it?


Apr 3, 2018
I have no specific knowledge of the brand...I will, however, share with you my own experience.

We went looking for a TV a couple of years ago. I had my mind set on a nice Samsung 1080p set without the "smart" features, not really realizing even at that time how hard that was going to be to find. I found a couple of nice options that were still Samsung and the wife, browsing around while I was nerd'ing on specs found an Insignia branded Roku TV, 4K. On paper it seemed like a smart choice. The price was on par for the other Samsung models I was browsing, offered the built in Roku, and was also 4K with a nice picture quality considering the price.

We got this TV home and it was fine right through the warranty period. Just after that it started switching itself off at random times. It commonly disconnects/loses various HDMI inputs which require me to disconnect them, "forget" them (delete), and reconnect to get signal particular it likes to do so with my HTPC. And, worst of all, it's started black banding across the top lately.
So, two years ago I "saved" $200 by not going with a better brand, and now am faced with another $3-500 purchase to replace the TV I "saved" this money on.
Was NOT a wise choice.

Don't cheap out if you intend on keeping this TV for any length of time. You might get lucky, but you probably won't.