[SOLVED] I want to buy cable extensions, will they be compatible with my NON-modular PSU?


Feb 16, 2017
I have an EVGA 600B Bronze Certified 80+. I want to buy red and black ThermalTake PSU extension cables, but both ends of the cables in the picture look male and not female? I was under the impression that you plug the extension cables into your already existing PSU cables via a female port and then the other end would be male to plug into the motherboard or GPU or whatnot. Attached links and pictures:

My power supply: https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Produ...a 600B&cm_re=evga_600B-_-17-438-014-_-Product

Newegg Cable Extension page: https://www.newegg.ca/Product/Produ...e=psu_cable_extensions-_-12-183-016-_-Product

Picture of my PSU Cables: View: http://imgur.com/djNiS0y

Female ports on motherboard: View: http://imgur.com/GH78kqV