Question I want to install my chipset drivers, but could something go wrong since my bios is on an old version?

Jun 6, 2021
I figured out that I forgot to install my chipset drivers when I built my pc because I dont have an optical drive installed on it, and I want to install the chipset drivers, but Im on an older bios version and Im worried that it may cause a problem somehow.


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No one has optical drives anymore. Or very few, so many of the driver disks are a waste of time now.
Not a good idea to use drivers on the disks anyway, better to go to website of motherboard and get the newest ones. You don't know how old ones on dvd are.

Windows will probably have collected Chipset drivers as soon as it was installed so you might have newer already.
If you are not having any problems, do not update your bios.
You are at more risk from a failed bios update than you are from a problem that has not yet shown up.
It is worth looking at what bios updates are available and what they fix.
Only update the bios if you see a fix for an issue that is impacting you.

I see nothing wrong with going ahead and updating chipset drivers. They may already be current anyway.
Before doing such an update take a user system restore checkpoint so you can revert back to your current setup if anything goes wrong.
You can download drivers directly from the source and save them on your pc for installation.

Too bad that case makers no longer have front 5.25" bays for dvd drives.
They may come back since I recently saw a 5.25" bay device that could hold multiple m,2 devices.
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I do much prefer a mesh front than hdd cages in front blocking air, but I know people who do want a new case with optical so not everyone willing to let go so soon. I had a blue ray in my last PC but i think i used it 5 times in 5 years, that was why i didn't need a case with one this time.