Question I want to overclock my 10 year old pc please help.

Aug 12, 2019
Motherboard :- M5A78L-M LX3
Processor:- AMD Phenom II X4 B60
Ram:- 8gb ddr3
Gpu:- Asus GeForce GT 520 1Gb
Psu:- Corsair VS 450
Hard-disk :- 1tb sata
Normal processor fan and normal case with one fan .

I want to increase as much as possible from this spec
Aug 12, 2019
Wouldn't really recommend trying. Any gains will be fairly minimal and there is some risk in overclocking older parts, particularly since they weren't very high end to begin with.

So what's stopping you?
I already tried to overclock this system
1st i unlock all cores
Advanced clock calibration - All cores
Unleashing mode - Enable
Active cpu cores - Manual
Value all core (-2%)

Cpu overclocking - Manual
Cpu/HT Reference Clock (MHz) - 220
PCIE Overclocking - Manual
PCIE clock - 100
Cpu Ratio - x17.5 3500Mhz
Cpu/NB Frequency - 2200 Mhz
Cpu Over Voltage - 1.42500
VDDNB Over Voltage - 1.30000
Load Line Calibration - Auto
HT Link Speed - 2200MHz

All other settings are default/No change

I tried this settings but i got blue screen error , auto restart error so i increase cpu nd vddnb voltage but still same blue screen error . Please help i want more performance as much as possible from this my old system.

I tried overclocking profile 5% 8% nd 10% with all core unlocked which work fine but when i try above manual settings i got so much problems . Hope some one help me. thank you