Question I want to replace/upgrade Nvidia Tesla C2050 graphics card.

Mar 11, 2021
I bought a used windows 10 desktop tower last year. My mobo is a Gigabyte Z68XP-ud3 with 16 gigs of ram. It already had this gfx card in it, NVIDIA Tesla C2050 (3gb). From what I gather, this is not really a good card for gaming. I'm not a hardcore gamer, I play Cities skylines, Sim city 4, and Gemcraft mainly, but nothing serious.

The main issue I'm having is the Tesla c2050 runs very hot i think. At idle its usually between 40-50c. When I play a game I have to turn the fan on the card up to 80%, which is extremely loud and I'm lucky if the temps stay below 70c. And games get kind of choppy/laggy after playing for an hour or so. I've replaced thermal compound with Arctic silver also.

I want to get a new gfx card but not sure what to get. I don't want to spend a lot, under $150 or so hopefully. The size of the new card (dimensions) isn't really an issue because the Tesla 2050 that I currently have is big. I have an extremely large case, Raven RV02.

The only requirements I have are compatibility with my current mobo, and something that doesn't run so hot.
This is my first time posting to a forum. Please excuse my ignorance and for my grammar skills. Thank you for taking the time to read my post


Well that is pretty much any GPU newer than it.

GPU market right now is extremely overinflated, but for $150 you might find used cards like the GTX970, Maybe a GTX1050Ti/GTX1060.

As a direct comparison the old Fermi Tesla has 448 Cuda cores running at 1150Mhz at 250W

GTX1060 has 1280 cores running at 1500Mhz as ~120W, leaving out the architectural improvements and efficiency, you are looking at triple the performance at half the power.

GTX970 is a little more power hungry, but about as fast.

You can easily find cards of the models I listed bigger than the standard 10.5" card that the Tesla is. Cards that have blower style coolers like it though will be the exact same size, it is/was the industry standard.

GTX1060 probably won't be available as a blower style card, Nvidia released no reference design for that one.