Question I want to upgrade my graphics card in my older computer

May 7, 2022
I built a computer about 7 years ago, I know its outdated but it still perofrms decent in most games. But .. i am thinking i want to upgrade my graphics card. I just dont want to buy much more that the hardware i have would be able to take advantage of. Any advice would be appreciated.


GRAPHICS: gtx 980&cm_re=evga_gtx 980-_-14-487-161-_-Product


I am thinking id like to find a card with double the Vram , and/or just overall, the highest specs i could go with on this motherboard and cpu. Thanks all .


Well back when I had that CPU in my build I was running a GTX 970 then a GTX 1080. At 1080p the GTX 970 did fine with Witcher 3 & Battlefield 1 getting like 90-100fps (but I capped to 60fps due to the 60hz) but when i jumped to 1440p 144hz with a GTX 1080 I was seeing bottlenecks as the CPU was just 90%ing on me in BF1. Only when I switch to my new current board/socket and CPU (bought back in 2016) i did see major improvements with no bottleneck near enough when overclocked.

Current CPU is i7 6800k and I use to overclock to 4.0GHZ at 1.275 volt. I turned that all off once I stopped playing BF1 as the servers went bad.