Question I want to upgrade my potato pc while remain on same socket lga775 please suggest me a CPU+GPU combo

Aug 17, 2019
I am having potato pc on LGA 775 CPU i.e E6600 3.2 GHz with 4gb ram 1333 MHz ddr3 not want to spend much money as my parents don't allow me please suggest me best CPU and GPU combo for gaming on 1080p low/mid or I can go down further in resolution
Please help thank you in advance


I have no idea what country you are in, and have no idea what your budget is, therefore I cannot recommend correct components for your budget. And if living outside the US, I cannot help find anything for you since what you will have to buy will have to be used.

I could simply say to you the best CPU that your motherboard can handle, but I cannot recommend a graphics card because I have no idea what power supply you have, what wattage it supports, and I don't even know if this is a custom PC or some compact pre built from someone like HP or Dell.

So honestly, cannot help you at all since we have zero information from you that can actually allow us to try and recommend anything.
Sep 11, 2019
If you have a OEM unit/mobo goto part 2.
If you have a custom built PC, read on.

Custom mobos usally have the best support for quad cores. If your mobo supports the Extreme line of quad cores (QX6700, QX6800, etc)and you can find one for under 29 bucks, get them. If your mobo does not support Extremes, the best quad is the Q9650. It has 12MB of cache and and runs at 3Ghz. It can be easily overclocked if your mobo supports it.
The most commonly supported of the quad cores is the Q6600. The Q6600 has two E6600 dies in one package and can be found for under 10 bucks on ebay with shipping.

So to round off this section,
QX6700- Fast, unlocked, common- mobo must support it.
Q9650- Fastest non-Extreme quad core you can buy.
Q6600-Is much more common, has the most compatitbility, can be found for the price of a dinner.

Part 2
OEM systems can be limited in terms of upgradability. Most OEM mobos support the q6600 and the Q9650, but not the Extreme quads. Some OEM mobos don't even support quad cores so the E8600 would be the best of the dual cores. OEM units also have crap cooling and PSUs, so if your cooler is tiny and your case has no fans or just a outtake fan, your CPU would thermal throttle, slowing the performance of your system.

So to round off this section,
Q6600-most OEM units support it
Q9650-newer than q6600-some OEM units will not post
E8600-dual core- cheap

Sorry-I can't help you with your GPU without your exact mobo/PSU/Case
Dec 22, 2019
While building up a new PC or updating your old one you need the right information for the best CPU parts compatible! LGA 775 is the socket board and to set up a CPU inside it you must know what series are compatible with it.
well, I was also having the same issues and then I got this article here.
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