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Question I was banned for no reason. How to solve it?

May 7, 2020
I found out that my IP address was somehow banned. When i open certain sites, it tells me that im banned and marked as a spammer. I use email only once in a while and i almost never send emails. I also didnt spam any messages on these sites. I didnt even recive any massage that ive been banned. I know for sure it is IP ban. I tried to connect on other devices on these sites, but it tells me the same. When i connect from another location, i have access there.

When i checked if my IP address is on some blacklist, I saw on the list that im in blacklist of dnsbl.spfbl.net. It is a network looking for spammers and send their emails into spam folder a block them from recieveing emails. I dont have problems with recieving or sending emails though. If im not banned because of spamming emails, why some websites tell me that im banned and marked as a spammer and im
in their blacklist?

I alredy tried to contact them. I asked why am I banned, but they answered me that they cant help me, because the support is ony for email server administrators. I also contacted some webmaster on that site. Its more than a week, but i didnt get answer. I didnt find any informations about my ban or how long it will last. I dont know what else to try.
Try to turn off the modem overnight and see if you get a different IP address. If your IP is not fixed someone else may have been doing stuff and you now got their IP. You might have to contact your ISP, but if you IP does not easily change then it means your intentionally or unintentionally ran something and may get another ip ban.

IP ban is actually a stupid thing since on many ISP you can easily change your IP. Most people doing bad stuff are using VPN anyway so the VPN companies IP will be blocked.

Many game companies tried this and the hackers decided they would get as many IP as possible banned. So they game company ended up losing customers because their attempt to stop the hackers was worse than the damage the hacker was causing. Most game companies have gone to hardware id bans.

Mail servers if setup correctly will not accept mail form random IP addresess.