[SOLVED] I washed my q6600 cpu in Water is it broken? pls help

Nov 3, 2018
I found an old q6600 in a pc and rinsed it to clear the thermal pasted it has been left 4 a month and i thoroughly dried it. I want to build a system 4 my m8 with it and i cant test it until I get the mobo and other parts. Im just wondering if it still works pls reply quick anyone reading this unless ur like a year in da future
What would make you rinse a CPU in water lol? That is certainly not the smartest way to remove thermal paste. That said it will probably be fine assuming it is actually dry. If water got trapped under the IHS it will likely die the moment you power it up.
If you never tried to put power on it while it was wet it should be fine. Don't put water on CPU's again lol. You can get isopropyl alcohol at walmart etc its everywhere for dirt cheap. It's been 4 months so it's likely fine but there really is only one way to find out.
Washing a CPU with water is VERY risky. Even after a week, there's still a high chance some water is inbetween the IHS and the die. If you want to make sure it's dry, you'll have to delid.

Next time, you don't have to completely clean a CPU by dunking it in liquid. Just use isopropyl alcohol on a coffee filter to get it off. Or if you must dunk your CPU in something, again use isopropyl alcohol.



1: Can you delid a 6600? I thought the were soldered back then?
2: Actually, he might be beter off submerging it in a small glass full of isopropyl alcohol right now. Leave it sit for about a minute then pull it out and let it dry. The isopropyl alcohol should dry out all of the water/ moisture.


Apr 29, 2011
If you tried powering it on after washing it with water, it's likely dead but who knows. Let it dry out completely. I believe the q6600 is soldered so a delid job may be more complicated, though not impossible.
Should be fine, especially after sitting. Year back I had a old Pentium 4 system I was working on for a friend, when it was PGA based w/ all the pins, similiar to modern Ryzen. Anyways, it had thermal compound on several pins. Think they had someone else messing with it first. Even after lightly brushing with 70% alcohol, it was still there. After drying, it would boot, but had odd crashing issues, errors, ect. I ended up soaking it in 70% for an hour or so, then left dry for a day. Reinstalled, and all was fine. Like others have said though, typically using alcohol or Arctic Clean on the IHS is all that is needed.

You can delid any CPU. It's just going to be harder with solder since they don't use fancy glue to keep the IHS down.

That's a great idea, I didn't know submerging the CPU in alcohol would get rid of the water too.

Yup it likely would work since alcohol and water mix. You will see "heet" for putting in auto fuel tanks to remove water and its just methylated alcohol. It works because it mixes with water where gasoline does not. Could also bake the CPU in a oven at a low temp like 220F.


Sep 19, 2012
Loosely wrap it in absorbent tissue paper. Add a harmless, dry powder such as sugar or better, talc (don't inhale the dust), to a ziplock bag, put the wrapped cpu inside with plenty of free space between it and the powder. Seal the bag thoroughly and leave 48 hrs. Provided water hasn't already got into the inner workings, it should be fine. Good luck.