I will pay $180 to anyone who can solve this problem


Dec 7, 2012

I just paid $180 for this new GPU, because I was told by people on this forum that it would solve my screen tearing problems. So naturally I'm willing to paypal that same amount if someone can PLEASE SOLVE THIS. I CANT BELIEVE HOW RIDICULOUS THIS IS.

Over five weeks of research and tests, here are my findings:

- Literally everything is affected. Games, Youtube, DVDs. I can even draw something in MS Paint, select it all, and move it around, and the tearing will be absolutely atrocious.
- I have tried every possible combination of VSync / Triple Buffering settings within D3DOverride and the Catalyst Control Center. I have tried setting them for all programs or specific ones.
- Fraps says the max frame rate is 40. I also tried to set max frame rate as low as 5 which STILL HAD TEARING
- My usual set up is 2x Monitors with DVI cables @ 60 Hz refresh. I have also tested an HDTV with an HDMI cable.
-Taking video with software such as manycam or fraps, or taking a screenshot, does NOT capture the screen tearing affects (even thought I can easily reproduce CONSTANT screen tearing)

I have a video I took from my phone to show what it looks like. Youtube ruined the quality of the video so I uploaded it to Mediafire. I'm not sure If I'm allowed to post it.

$180 to the first person to post the solution. Oh and if you tell me I need to buy something you better be able to prove it this time, this forum has already mislead me into buying this gpu.


Oct 27, 2012
The first question to ask is, did you have this problem with the old graphics card?.
The second one is can you make a list of all the hardware in the system/ motherboard/cpu/memory. And also the two monitors you are using including the screen size of each. You are asking to solve a problem for you with information missing. The cause may not be down to the card at all. But more information is needed to rule out any other part of the system causing the problem also.
First of all, could you give us a link where our forum member recommended you to buy a new graphics card to fix tearing problem? Google says you've made only two other threads on this forum, and in neither people recommend you buying another GPU to fix tearing.


Anyway, that looks like software problem. As Wisecracker said, you should reinstall drivers first. If that doesn't help, I'd look into reinstalling windows.

Hi - I read the two threads Sunius posted and I fail to see where anyone on here "mislead" you to purchase that gpu.
If you have another thread that shows the situation let us see it please.


With that said, I looked at my gpu z6.6 readout (I have a 7800 series), I don't know if either of these will
make a difference, but:

update the driver version to 12.11 (might still be beta, but it is latest driver and works well for me)
and remove the check from the open cl box. There a couple of other minor value differences most
likely due to the differences in our two cards.




users cant remove those checks, its just a way for the program to tell you what extra features work with the card. And apparently you dont have the openCL package installed... :kaola:


Apr 6, 2012

This line right here tells us a lot about the problem. If you cannot capture a graphical issue in a screenshot/video, then the issue is not in the video cards rendering or memory. Since you've already replaced your GPU, I highly doubt you've gotten two cards with defective output controllers or anything of that nature, though it's conceivable that drivers could cause an issue there.

Question, if you cap your framerate to 1FPS, do you see tearing at a higher rate? (I would like to see the video you posted, forum rules don't prohibit external links)

On the topic of being mislead: it's unfortunate that you've bought somehthing you didn't need, however your problem is very odd, I would have expected a new GPU to fix the issue you had (because you were able to test with different monitors and different cables, and still see the issue). (For what it's worth, I read your other two posts, and I don't see anyone recommending a new GPU to you, other than when you asked for a new GPU recommendation explicitly, but no big deal imo.)

edit: I'm a bit curious if you saw any difference at all in the 'way' your screen was tearing when you switched GPUs? Also, does the entire screen tear if you are watching a youtube video (not in full screen mode), or do you only see tearing in the video? If you have no browser open, does the tearing stop?


Check and make sure the refresh rate on the monitor is set to specs and that the resolution and refresh rate matches via CCC as well.

I think the problem lies in the monitor or rather a mix of both monitor and gpu settings.

**reading through your previous topics and you having issues with no post trying to use IGP is indicative of a faulty board.**

Anyone that want to know his specs:


In windows you do have aero enabled right? because that gives hardware acceleration to the desktop and should remove any tearing.

Please ensure that you have hardware acceleration enabled in flash. Right click and video select settings.

MSPaint does not seem to work well when moving sections around quick anyway.


Feb 23, 2009
i had something about the same it would happen when i would play any move in vlc or in you tube and some times in games. ended up putting a new power supply in and that fixed it. maybe you know a buddy that you can ask and try and barrow there's see if that helps. i have a 5770 core 2 quad and a p35 chip set


Nov 15, 2012
your problem definitely doesn't seems to have anything to do with windows or drivers or software.
It seems you are overlooking a possible hardware issue, not a faulty hardware but an issue with how things are connected.
make sure your gpu is propperly seated in it's slot and that everything that in involved with your display is connected propperly.
If you haven't changed or tried a new dvi cable then do that!

I wonder if you have some sort of device in your house that somehow is affecting your display. just a thought :)


Dec 14, 2009
You would want to pinpoint where the problem is by process of elimination.

Things to try (from easiest to hardest, imo):
1) see if driver is bad (try uninstall and reinstall latest official driver)
2) see if motherboard is bad (try using onboard video)
3) see if DVI/HDMI cable is bad (try using different cable)
4) see if monitor is bad (try using different monitor)
5) see if GPU is bad (try using a different GPU)
6) see if RAM is bad (try using different RAM)
7) see if PSU is bad (try using different PSU)

What is your GPU temperature? (idle and max load)

I'll 2nd the try a new dvi cable,a few months ago, I thot I had a bad monitor,
turned out to be a bad dvi cable


Dec 7, 2012
Oh wow sorry, I posted on so many forums that I mixed up which one had mislead me. My biggest apologies on that one. Reading this the next day I realized I sound terribly rude.

I will grab all the answers to the questions asked, give me a minute.