Question I would like recommendations on a good anti-virus program.


Nov 23, 2012
I have been using Charter Security Suite. It has been changed significantly and no longer serves my needs or desires.

Features desired:
  1. Real time scanning including deep scanning of compressed files including files that are made up of compressed files.
  2. Ability to schedule regular full system scans and to set the priority those scans run at.
  3. Ability to do manual scans of individual files and/or directories.
  4. Virus scan report with list of files quarantined.
  5. Ability to remove from quarantine and mark a file as safe such that it is not scanned and quarantined again.
  6. Ability to do a quick scan of memory, c:\users, c:\windows, and boot files.
Charter security suite apparently has been modified to only do 1, and 6 above. It is possible that 4 and 5 exist but I cannot find how. It apparently even when doing a scan only checks the c: drive as their full scan takes about 45 seconds on my system. I have 44TB. I am quite sure I am not getting a throughput of 1TB/sec (can ANY IO system ANYWHERE handle that??). Further I am planning on purchasing at least another 32TB once I get a server cabinet. I need something that works and lets me tune the scan.